ModelFEST 2018 Best in Show Winner

FAMO & Sd.Ah.116 by Al Kamrad

Photos from ModelFest 2018...

"Best Of" Categories..

 Aircraft:                      Johnny Grenot, Heinkel HE-111.
 Military Vehicle:         Al Kamrad, Famo & Sd.Ah.116
 Nautical:                     Randy Riley, IJN Takao.
 Automotive:               Andy Caldwell 1954 Porsche 550
 Space/Fantasy:         Steve Williams, 20,000 League Nautilus.
 Figure:                       Joseph Brubaker, Tommy MG gunner.
 Diorama:                    Richard Schmitt, Motorcycle repair shop.
 Junior:                       Cadene Levene, Jagd Tiger.
 Miscellaneous :        Jeff Selker, Ford left for dead.
 Out of the Box.:        Jeff Selker, PT-109.
 Collection:                 Matthew Olson, NASA Probes

Special awards..

Old Geezer:                 Charlie Walker, AD-6 Skyraider.
"Ahhhhh" Award:       Matthew Olson, NASA Probes.
Bob Heinz Memorial: Johnny Grenot, Heinkel HE-111.
Best 1968:                   Ray Engineer, UH-1B Huey.
Best WW I:                  Brian Cooker, Fokker.
Popular Choice:         Butch Bryan, Star Trek Doomsday Machine.
Best in Show:             Al Kamrad, Famo & Sd.Ah.116




Space, Sci Fi. & Figures

All of us in IPMS Space Coast would like to thank all of the entrants, vendors and spectators who made ModelFEST 2018 a terrific success! Stay tuned for more information about our next show in the spring of 2020!

 Below are some pictures of the great models that were on display!!!

Winners from ModelFEST 2018

Collections & Miscellenous


  ModelFEST 2018

The IPMS Region 11 Regional Contest for 2018!!


Space Coast

ModelFEst 2018 IS A WRAP....




International Plastic Modeler Society Region 11

​​​President's Thanks....

  Wow!  Where do I start?  IPMS Space Coast Modelfest 2018 was a great weekend. Personally I had a wonderful time and I am reasonably sure most of the attendees did too.

  First I have to thank the participants, as after all, they are the reason to hold the show. Seventy seven entrants put three hundred ninety three models of all genres on the tables. We had entrants not just from Florida, but as far away as Alabama, Georgia and North and South Carolina. The imagination, skill and final execution that each individual model builder displayed was inspiring. The judging was tough in every class. Picking “Best in Show” was particularly difficult, with Al Kamrad’s Famo halftrack just nudging Johnny Grenot’s Heinkel HE-111 for the top spot.

Geographically IPMS/USA Region 11 encompasses all of Florida. We had entrants and judges from the following chapters; IPMS/Caloosa Plastic Modelers - Ft. Myers, IPMS/First Coast - Jacksonville, IPMS/Flight 19 - Ft. Lauderdale,  IPMS/Florida Auto & Scale Truck Model Club (FAST) - Ocala,  IPMS/Gator Modelers - Gainesville,  IPMS/Miami Rum Runners - Miami, IPMS/Model Car Creations of South Florida - Fort Lauderdale, IPMS/Model Creations Unlimited-Jacksonville - Jacksonville, IPMS/Ocala - Ocala,  IPMS/Orlando - Orlando, IPMS/Pelikan Model Club - Clearwater, IPMS/Pensacola Modelers - Pensacola, IPMS/Polk Area Model Society - Lakeland,  IPMS/South Florida Scale Model Consortium - Wellington & Royal Palm, IPMS/Space Coast - Melbourne, IPMS/Table Top Cruisers of Central Florida, and IPMS/Wings, Wheels and Keels – Venice. Thanks to all these chapters for your support.

  Next I have to express thanks to the diverse group of vendors we had. Sixty four tables of models, books, tools, finishing supplies and aftermarket items were busy all weekend. The vendors are the first stop I make after I register for any show. Without them the show would not have been as much fun.

  I have to give credit to the two hundred twenty seven paid spectators that attended. That’s over two hundred potential customers for the vendors, future members of IPMS, and entrants in show.

  Last, but far from least, I have to express my heartfelt thanks to the members of IPMS/ Space Coast that worked so hard for the past year to make this happen and happen so successfully. Give yourself a round of applause, it’s well deserved.

Cheers all,

Rick Ostman


IPMS Space Coast